Price calculation


Select the type of accommodation, then fill out the form to calculate the cost of accommodation and send us an inquiry for possible reservation. Once you have sent your application form you will be contacted by our staff and informed about how to proceed to accomplish your reservation.


Reservations guarantee a place in the camp. For reservation is required to pay 30% advance payment for mobile house. We are not confirm the number of mobile homes, and the location of the mobile-unit determines the reception. The accommodations, in July and August, can be booked from Saturday to Saturday for one or more week/s.

Camp is open: 01/04 - 30/10

Total number of days in the lease : {{totalDays}}
For a period of {{startDate}} - {{endDate}}
The total price is {{total.euro}}

Price are informative and is dependant upon current exchange rate. Payment is possible in kuna or Euro. For online booking please use the following link:

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