Four-legged pets are considered by many to be part of the family, and even a summer holiday is unthinkable without them. If you are one of those who do not go on vacation without their pets, you are in the right place. To make camping with pets as pleasant and stress-free as possible, here are some tips for your vacation. Tips for camping with dogs include a list of items you need to bring on your vacation, as well as instructions on the rules of the camp to spend your vacation as relaxed as possible. Camp Oaza Mira in Drage is the right place for all those who cannot imagine their vacation without their pets. Here you will be sure that camping with a pet can be the best summer experience you have ever had.

Photo by Samuel Charron, Unsplash

Pet-friendly campsites in Croatia

There are a lot of pet-friendly campsites in Croatia and Dalmatia, one of them is in Drage. Located in the beautiful untouched nature of the picturesque town of Drage on the Adriatic coast, the Oaza Mira camp enchants its position by the sea, surrounded by pine forests and natural shade. In Oaza Mira camp you will find a pet-friendly environment. For your pets to have a carefree and high-quality stay at the pet-friendly camping Oaza Mira, we made sure that the accessibility and environment are adapted to the needs of your furry friends. There is, however, one restriction for pets in Oaza Mira camp regulations. Pets are allowed in the camp, but it is not allowed to bring them to the beach. However, it is possible to take pets in places where there are no other swimmers, aside from the main beach.

Pet camping essentials

To make your pet camping experience as relaxed as possible, we bring you a few useful tips that will make your preparation easier.

Before traveling, take your pet to the vet. Make an appointment and make sure your pet is vaccinated. Also, make sure that your pet has protection against fleas and ticks, considering that you will be spending most of your time outdoors in nature. Dogs can also experience symptoms of seasonal allergies which include sneezing, itching, or ear infections. Ask your veterinarian for advice on treatment options and try to avoid places with high pollen concentrations.

To ensure the maximum safety of your dog, you can also consider the option of microchipping. In this way, you will always know where is your dog. In addition, make sure that your dog wears a collar with your phone number, so that, in case it gets lost in an unfamiliar environment, passers-by can bring it back to you.

Don't forget to take a picture of your pet, so that if it gets lost, you can find it faster. Take fresh photos of the dog, while paying attention to the special marks it has that distinguish it from others. Print one copy of the photo and take it with you on the camping trip.

You must be wondering what to bring on vacation with your dog. We bring you a list of some camping essentials for dogs:

  • veterinary records
  • tether
  • a bowl for water and food
  • dog food
  • dog toys
  • dog waste bag
  • first aid kit for dogs
  • medication if necessary

Some of the non-essential items that you may also find useful when traveling with a pet include a dog brush, dog bed, swim-proof leash, paw guards, or a dog rain jacket.

Camping with a dog in Dalmatia, Drage

Camping with a dog is a beautiful experience where both of you should enjoy spending time with each other. For you to have the best holiday experience with your pet, you should prepare your dog for the trip. For example, plan a route that will allow you to make more stops so that your dog can go to the bathroom. It is also recommended to reserve your place in the campsite earlier, especially in the high season when there is a high demand for campsites. Camp Oaza Mira in Drage is one of the dog-friendly campsites in Dalmatia where you will able to take your dog freely into the open, but it should always be under your surveillance.

Photo by Josh Rakower, Unsplash

Frequently asked questions about pets camping

  • How to camp with a dog?

Invest in high-quality gear like properly sized leashes, collars, and harnesses. It would also be useful to get some new equipment. For example, you can get your dog swimming leashes that float on the water. They are easier to grip and have stainless clips. Another interesting accessory that you can use is a reflective belt that will allow you to see your dog in the dark. For your pet to be at full strength, take it for a trial run before the trip. In this way, you will prepare your dog for running in nature. At the same time, it is important to always keep in mind the continuous hydration of your pet, so don't forget to always carry water with you.

  • How to keep dogs cool while camping?

During your journey, your pet will encounter many unfamiliar circumstances such as other dogs or large groups of people. Prepare your dog to interact with others, and if necessary, take him to obedience training to make sure you won’t get into any inconvenient situation at the camp. Never leave your pet unattended while camping, outdoors, or at a dog park. You never know how other people or their pets may react to your dog, so it's best to always keep an eye on him to be safe.

  • What can I do with my dog while camping?

To make your trip with your dog as pleasant as possible, take him to places where you will have a lot of fun together. For example, an outdoor meal or outdoor games are great ways to spend time with your dog while camping. You can also explore local parks or take him boating or kayaking. However, keep in mind that not all places are pet-friendly, so do your research on local laws and places where dogs are allowed beforehand.

  • Can dogs sleep in tents?

If you decide to camp in a tent, keep in mind that the size of the tent must be slightly larger than usual when camping with a pet. A larger tent will provide you and your pet with comfort, especially when it comes to medium or large dogs. Do not forget to secure and close the tent before sleeping.

Photo by Patrick Hendry, Unsplash