Visit Croatia and have a vacation of your dreams! - 31.01.2017.

Croatia is your ideal destination for vacation, whether you want to spend it in an apartment or camping on Adriatic coast.

Croatia keeps getting on practically every
must-visit-this-summer list and it is no wonder why it is so. It is a small
country but with an indented coastline that is different after each road bend,
with more than a thousand of islands and every one of them is a special treat
to visit – each with its unique story and charm. Croatian islands are easily
accessible by ferry or catamaran so be sure to do some island hopping when in
Croatia, it will certainly pay off. Many has been said about the natural beauties
of Croatia and for a reason – if you plan on visiting, let's say, Zadar, a town
located in the northern part of Dalmatia on the Adriatic coast, be sure to
visit some of Croatian National Parks as there are as many as four them in the
vicinity of Zadar, plus two Nature Parks.

What is also great for every tourist wishing to enjoy summer
in Croatia is that there is plenty to chose from when it comes to finding the
right accommodation, from luxury hotels to charming hostels downtown, from
private apartments to campsites near the beach. And this is true for every
destination in Croatia you decide to visit, there is plenty to see and do and
choosing where to stay certainly isn't easy. Accommodation offer gets better
each year, since people from Europe have recognized Croatia as a popular and
valuable holiday destination, and many local people have decided to turn their
homes into lovely apartments or boutique hotels, or have renovated old houses
that had been empty and turned them into beautiful villas. Some, with bigger
houses and properties, have decided to go into camping business and started
running small family campsites with smaller number of pitches but with the same
campsite offer as in larger camps. Be sure to check the online booking sites
for accommodation as many of them have special offers with great prices.

It's not just the beauty of this country or the hospitality
of the locals that bring people back and make Croatia more popular year after
year, the entertainment possibilities are limitless. If coming to Dalmatia,
there is an excellent opportunity for all party lovers – Ultra festival is held
every July in Split, and it has become so popular that you should book your
accommodation way ahead, whether you plan on booking a room or staying in a
campsite. There is also Garden festival in Tisno near Šibenik, a bit less
crowded but as entertaining as any other festival. But the electronic music is
not the only interesting event, there are several smaller festivals and
concerts held during summer in Istria, Zadar, Split and other towns and many
renowned musicians tour the Adriatic coast during summer providing you with the
perfect opportunity to have fun.

In the end, visiting Croatia will always be an adventure, as
this small country has many hidden gems waiting to be discovered, and we can
guarantee you it will be a positive one. Beautiful beaches, bustling towns,
breathtaking heritage and unspoiled nature with picturesque villages await your
visit. Just choose your destination and accommodation and prepare for a
paradise holiday.

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