Located in the very heart of Dalmatia, the town of Drage is a picturesque oasis of beautiful beaches and unspoiled nature. The excellent, central location on the Adriatic coast provides its visitors easy access to all interesting attractions such as numerous national parks and reserves or urban centers such as Zadar, Biograd na Moru, and Šibenik.

Near Drage, Pakoštane you will find Nature Park Vrana Lake, the biggest natural lake in Croatia, which is also the biggest ornithological reserve in Croatia. If you’re headed south, you will find National Park Krka with the most beautiful waterfalls. The National Park Kornati is, on the other hand, the most precious gem of the Adriatic that you shouldn’t miss. This breathtaking archipelago which consists of as many as 89 islands and islets impresses with its intriguing geography.

Drage is also known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, making it the perfect destination for camping enthusiasts. Drage is one of the best campsites in Croatia near the beach. The isolated coves and charming landscape will delight all those who enjoy spending their holidays surrounded by untouched nature and beautiful Croatia beaches.

Discover 9 beautiful beaches near Drage in Dalmatia

Dalmatia beaches are known as pebble beaches with the crystal-clear sea. In the village of Drage and its surroundings, you will find many hidden coves as well as a lively atmosphere on one of the numerous beaches where you will enjoy all the benefits of the sun and sea.

Who would have thought that such a small place has so many beaches? Beaches for families with children, dog-friendly beaches, romantic secluded beaches, the choice is on you. We bring you a list of the most beautiful beaches and Croatia camping beaches that you should not miss visiting while staying in Drage. Therefore, take in the fresh air, and enjoy the shade of pine trees and the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea on one of the numerous beaches in Drage Croatia, and its surroundings.

Beach Dolaške Drage

Beach Dolaške Drage is a pebble beach located in an urban area, just 300 m from the center of Drage. It will delight you with its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Natural shades provided by pine trees will provide a refreshing summer breeze. On the other hand. numerous bars and restaurants on the beach provide everything you need to enjoy your holiday.

Drage Magistrala Beach

The beautiful beach next to Magistrala Road is an ideal place for those looking for peace away from overcrowded beaches. This stony beach with cliffs is not suitable for small children, but it delights with untouched nature and crystal-clear sea and is perfect for romantic couples. The pine forest provides plenty of shade, and there is also a bar nearby where you can refresh yourself on hot summer afternoons.

Beach Porat (Drage)

Beach Porat is an ideal choice for families with small children. This beautiful beach in the village of Drage is offering an opportunity for a serene getaway with your loved ones. The beach is composed of pebbles and is surrounded by a pine forest. There is some interesting content for the youngest such as children’s playground. Adjacent to the beach, you will find a bar and a restaurant, ensuring that you can relish in these lively surroundings all day long.

Podbrizi Sand Beach (Vrgada)

This beautiful paradise beach is located on the romantic island of Vrgada near Drage and Pakoštane. In the summertime, the island of Vrgada is very accessible due to the frequent fast ferry lines that run from Pakoštane and Biograd na Moru to the island. Podbrizi Beach is a true paradise on Earth and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Dalmatia. The combination of sandy and rocky beaches is suitable for children.

Beach Lumbrak (Biograd na Moru)

Beach Lumbrak is located in Biograd na Moru, on its southern part, and is close to Crvena Luka beach next to Pakoštane. It has limited car access, but it represents the perfect place for those who want to avoid the summer crowd. It is mainly a pebble beach but one part of the beach also has a sandy surface. Surrounded by the pine forest this secluded place is ideal for romantic couples who will enjoy the privacy this beautiful beach offers.

Beach Crvena Luka (Biograd na Moru)

Red Port or Crvena Luka Beach is located 5km from Biograd na Moru, in the direction of Pakoštane. This mesmerizing sandy beach ideal for families with children is easily accessible by car or the bicycle route that continues to Vrana Lake. From the Crvena Luka beach, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the nearby islands and the Kornati archipelago. The beach is also equipped with local stores, bars, and sports equipment.

Pine Beach (Pakoštane)

Pine Beach in Pakoštane is located in a natural bay with a beautiful natural sandy beach. It offers a lot of shades since it’s surrounded by the pine forest. On the beach, there are available sunbeds, umbrellas, and pedal boats for rent. There are also bars with refreshing drinks available as well as a spacious parking lot.

Beach in Camp Crkvine, Vrana Lake (the largest natural lake in Croatia)

The Vrana Lake Nature Park, the biggest natural lake in Croatia is located on the beach in Camp Crkvine. This unique location is also designated as an ornithological reserve. In addition, the lake is ideal for exploring by kayak. This is the perfect place for all lovers of pure nature where they can explore and enjoy a relaxing vacation. There are also many cycling and hiking trails on the shore of the lake and its surroundings.

Beach Guščica (Murter)

If you are looking for the peaceful natural surrounding with picturesque views Beach Gušćica on the island of Murter is the right place for you. The island of Murter is the largest and most populated island of the Šibenik archipelago. It is separated from the mainland by the narrow Murter channel. Guščica bay beach is located south of Jezera on the island of Murter. It is a quiet natural cove, with mostly rocky soil. In front is the islet of Hrbošnjak. National Park Kornati is also nearby.