Near Drage, there are various places you must visit during your stay in Camp Oaza Mira. Drage is a small town in the very centre of the Adriatic coast, and in its surroundings, there are countless hidden gems and the best of the Croatian islands, which delight with playful summer rhythm.

The coast of the Adriatic Sea, whose length is as much as 5835 km, which makes up about 74% of the total coast of the Adriatic, is one of the most indented in the world. The Croatian coast which has more than 1,000 islands, islets and rocks, is full of beautiful islands dominated by the shade of pine trees, crystal clear sea and endlessly long pebble beaches. There are many Dalmatia islands near Drage, and some of the best Croatian islands are Kornati, Ugljan and Pašman, Dugi otok, Murter and Pag. Some other smaller islands in the vicinity include Vrgada, Silba, Zverinac or the island of Iž.

On the Croatian islands, the best way to enjoy your vacation is to indulge in the sun and sea. Nevertheless, everyone will find something for themselves, whether you are coming as a couple, on a family vacation or want to party whole night long. The Dalmatian islands offer enjoyment of nature, sports activities or fun on the beach with the rhythms of world-famous DJs.

The best Croatian islands for couples

The best Croatian Islands for couples near Drage include charming islands such as Vrgada, Kornati Islands or Iž Island. On these islands, you will find various interesting sceneries and possibilities for outdoor activities.

Kornati Islands are a National Park with a stunning collection of islands and islets known for their rugged beauty. The park covers an area of about 220 square kilometres and includes 89 islands, islets and reefs. Kornati archipelago is a boat lover’s paradise offering numerous opportunities for sailing and exploring secluded coves.

Iž island on the other hand is a small island near Zadar divided into two main villages called Veli Iž and Mali Iž. This relatively small island stands out for their clean beaches. The island’s location is great for boating and sailing enthusiasts where you can explore nearby islands and hidden coves.

The best Croatian Island for couples near Drage is certainly Vrgada Island. A small secluded island distanced only 15 minutes from Pakoštane is a charming maritime place where you will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, intimacy and beautiful secluded beaches.

The best Croatian island for families

Adriatic Coast offers a variety of beautiful islands that are well-suited for family vacations. Most of them provide long beaches and a relaxed atmosphere. Best Croatian islands for families near Drage are Dugi otok, Ugljan and Pašman or Murter island.

Murter Island is the closest to Drage, and it is connected to the mainland by a bridge. It offers lovely beaches, crystal-clear sea and numerous sites for family vacations. The Murter island is also a good starting point for exploring Kornati National Park.

The best Croatian Island for families is certainly Dugi otok. Translated as a “Long Island”, Dugi otok is known for its diverse landscapes, spreading to a 44 km coastline. Dugi otok will delight you with sandy beaches on the north and a saltwater lake in the Telascica Nature Park on the south of the island. Sandy Beach Saharun is one of the most famous sandy beaches in Croatia and is perfect for children.

Photo by Gabriela Slovak, Unsplash

On the islands of Ugljan and Pašman in the vicinity of Drage, you will find long pebble beaches, and various restaurants on the beachfront where you can spend relaxed family evenings. Pašman is known for its picturesque landscapes and charming fishing villages. Ugljan Island on the other hand will delight you with beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea and olive groves. Ugljan and Pašman are two islands connected by the bridge, and from Drage, you can easily access Pašman Island by ferry.

The best Croatian islands for partying

Among the best Croatian islands for partying are Pag, Vir and Silba. On these islands in the summer months, you will enjoy the vibrant nightlife and variety of nightclubs.

For example, on the island of Vir, you will be able to enjoy beach parties that often include DJs and a great atmosphere. Most visited bars and clubs are in the centre of Vir where during the summer season you will find live music events and themed parties.

The best Croatian islands for partying are Pag Island and the Zrće beach, known as Croatian Ibiza. Located near the town of Novalja, Zrće beach is one of the most famous party destinations in Croatia. It hosts several beach clubs such as Papaya, Aquarius, Kalypso and Noa. These clubs which become a hotspot for electronic dance music are open the whole day and the whole night during the summer season. Pag Island hosts boat parties and several music festivals and events such as Hideout, Sonus and Fresh Island Festival.

Photo by Luca Iaconelli, Unsplash

Another island placed in the Zadar archipelago in the northern part of Dalmatia is Silba Island. This small island is known as a car-free island, which contributes to its peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. During the summer months, Silba hosts various cultural and entertainment events as well, including music concerts and festivals.

What is the best way to see Croatian islands?

Exploring Croatian islands is an exciting experience where you can enjoy the best of the Adriatic coast. There are several ways to explore the islands, the most popular is by ferry or catamaran. Islands near Drage are mostly accessible by ferries with frequent summer connections during the summer season.

On the islands, you will be able to experience kayaking and paddleboarding, since there are various guided kayak tours available in many island destinations. Cycling tours are also a fun way to explore the untouched nature of many Croatian islands, for example on Dugi otok or Ugljan and Pašman islands.

Photo by Michaela, Unsplash

The best way to see Croatian islands is to explore them by boat tours and cruises. Many tourist companies provide daily trips that will take you to an island near Drage. Tours to the island of Vrgada or Kornati island are the most popular ones. These cruises often include stops for snorkelling or swimming and a lunch. Island hopping tours and great way to explore multiple islands in a single trip.

Another possibility is to rent a private boat or private speedboat transfers. If you have a maritime licence, you can rent a sailboat or a yacht and explore the archipelago on your own. This personalized experience will give you the freedom to create your itinerary and enjoy the intimate atmosphere while exploring the beautiful coastline of the Adriatic.

If you like the adrenalin rush don’t miss to try the panoramic flight by helicopter at an altitude of 300 m above the Zadar archipelago. On this unique experience of flying over Zadar Old Town, you can explore the Kornati islands, the island of love Galešnjak, Krka waterfalls and Plitvice lakes from the air.