In Croatia, there are numerous campsites for families where you will enjoy beautiful landscapes, marvelous beaches, and picturesque countryside. Family camping in Croatia can be a wonderful experience offering more than a few opportunities for outdoor activities and enjoying crystal-clear Adriatic Sea. Camping with children is one of the most rewarding summer experiences if you spend your time at Camp Oaza Mira in Drage. Located in the heart of Dalmatia, surrounded by untouched nature, the camp offers you the opportunity to truly relax in the shades of pine trees next to the beautiful beaches. Within camp facilities, you will be able to enjoy more than a few fun activities for family camping. For example, in Oaza Mira you can find a beach volleyball court, 2 tennis courts, a multi-purpose court for basketball, soccer, bowling courts, and a children's playground

Camping with Kids checklist

If you want to make the best of your holiday with children, it is necessary to carefully plan your trip. We bring you a comprehensive camping with-kids checklist to ensure a safe and joyful holiday for the whole family.

Organize your trip: it is important to prepare yourself for the trip in advance, making sure that everything is in order once you start your perfect family holiday. Set up your map and make sure the reservation details are in order.

Set up your camp: If you are going camping you will be setting up your camp, make sure you pack up all the necessary equipment such as a tent, inner tent, camping mallet, windbreak, or tent awning. Sleeping in camp should be a fun and cozy experience, so don’t forget to pack up sleeping bags, pillows, spare blankets, airbeds, and air pumps.

Clothing: Depending on the season of your family camping holiday, prepare the most comfortable clothing for kids such as shoes, skirts, shorts, t-shirts, socks and underwear, pajamas, sun hats, and swimming suits.

Useful items: Don’t forget to take insect repellent, first aid kit, or sunscreen. Camping with small children can be demanding so make sure you take enough tissues and hand wipes, as well as towels, toilet paper, toothbrush, and soap.

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Tips for camping with young (small) kids

Introducing a young child to the joys of the outdoors many parents would consider to be an exciting experience. Nevertheless, camping with young kids can also be challenging so we bring you some useful tips for camping with small children.

  • After choosing the right location, make sure to bring a large tent that will provide you with enough space where you can fit a portable crib if necessary.
  • Don’t forget to take enough baby meals and keep them simple. If you are no longer breastfeeding, make sure you have access to fresh water so you can mix up your baby food in a bottle. If your kid is eating solid food, you can try pureed food or squeeze packs.
  • Make sure you dress your baby in layers if the temperature is low, so you don’t get surprised by changing weather. However, if you are summer camping make sure you don’t overdress your kids
  • Diapering your baby should be normal as usual. If you will have a bathroom nearby you can easily dump waste and diapers.

Camp activities for kids

Camping with kids can be a fun experience if you prepare your youngest for outside activities. You can start camping with kids activities by practicing camping at home. If you pitch a tent in your home, or even better, in your backyard you will prepare your kids for the real camping experience. Let your kids sleep inside the tent so they can get used to the new environment.

If you are wondering how to keep your kids entertained during summer camping you will need plenty of fun and challenging camp ideas for kids which will be enjoyed by the whole family. Water balloons are always entertaining as well as indoor games such as balloon tennis.

Among camping activities for kids try to find learning moments in their surroundings and make the most of nature. Around campsite Oaza Mira in Dalmatia there are various interesting sites and nature parks that you can explore with your kids. For example, you can teach them to respect the wildlife and how to dispose of the trash properly.

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Camping games for kids

To keep your kids active and to enhance their camping experience you should engage them in fun camping games. Whether they are indoor or outdoor games, the creativity of the youngest shouldn’t be ignored. Let them invent their entertainment in the outdoor environment enhanced by a few items such as flashlights or nature scavenger hunts. One of the fun camping games for kids is hide and seek which can be played around the camp. Kids camping games include classic outdoor board games as well, so don’t forget to bring checkers, chess, Pictionary, or other board games you have at home.

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Camping movies for kids

Camping movies for kids is always an entertaining activity that the whole family can enjoy. Some of the suitable movies for children include the classics such as “The Great Outdoors”, a movie with the major theme of a family vacation in the wilderness. Another fun movie for the whole family is “The Parent Trap” with various camping and outdoor scenes. Kids will certainly enjoy the “Scooby-Do: Camp Scare” movie where spooky stories come to life. One of the movies that your kids shouldn’t miss while camping is “The Jungle Book”, the animated classic which offers an adventure in the jungle.

Camp songs for kids

Camp songs for kids are a fun way to entertain your kids in the outdoor setting while camping. We bring you some fun ideas for the camping song that you shouldn’t miss on your camping experience with children. Some universal songs suitable for camping settings are Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes or Old MacDonald Had a Farm by Thomas d’Urfey. Take Me Home Country Road by John Denver is another classic just as Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Easy camping meals for kids

When camping with children you should make a list of some easy camping meals for kids that are simple to prepare. Camping meals for kids such as campfire pancakes, instant omelets, or toasted sandwiches are the best choice for breakfast. Among lunch, camping food for kids try some turkey and cheese roll-ups that all children adore. Camping snacks for kids can be healthy as well, so you can prepare apple slices with peanut butter or granola bars.

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