Dalmatia offers great deals for camping at the most beautiful campsites surrounded by vegetation for an unforgettable seaside vacation.

Mediterranean climate, numerous sand and pebble beaches, pine woods that spread to the sea and beautiful clean sea waters are just some of Dalmatia's main qualities, and its indented coast and countless coves and islands are ideal for camping. Campsites in Dalmatia are situated at great locations, whether they are in a town or a secluded place outside a settlement.

Camping in Dalmatia is ideal for family vacation since one does not stay in a confined space of big hotels or apartments, but directly in nature so there are plenty opportunities to have an active vacation with the entire family, for summer joys of swimming in the sea and experiencing the unspoiled nature. Strolling down the beaches, swimming and diving, enjoying the view of the wonderful islands while relaxing under the pine and olive trees are only some of the advantages of camping by the seaside.

Dalmatia is a region with renowned gastronomy so many authentic taverns and restaurants offer various local dishes and premium wines. The offer is great wherever our campsite destination is, whether you choose to camp near a bigger town or near a small fishing village, there are great opportunities everywhere to enjoy culinary tradition of local dishes made with homegrown food. Excellent Dalmatian wines (wine production dates back to the ancient times) are one of the most famous Croatian brands.

With a variety of campsites, Dalmatian coast is as good as the rest of the Adriatic coast for camping so there's plenty to choose from, there are small family campsites, naturist campsites, as well as the mini camps and large camping parks at holiday resorts. Regardless of the type or size, they all guarantee a peaceful vacation for their guests, and Dalmatia's rich nature and cultural heritage provides many attractive destinations that are easy to reach so one can enjoy excursions to the islands, trips to national parks, visiting historical sites or hiking on the mountains that rise above the Adriatic coast.

Best campsites are definitely those situated at quiet coastal areas that are a real peaceful oasis, and yet many of them are usually located near a town or a city. With many such locations, Dalmatia has campsites in, for instance, North Dalmatia, near the towns of Zadar or Biograd na Moru that provide all urban facilities, and those campsites offer accommodation by the sea, with equipped pitches, mobile homes and other resort amenities (restaurant, souvenir shop, market, cafe bars etc.).

Best campsites usually have good websites that are very informative. Camping Oaza mira organized their website so that the presentation gives all the campground details therefore the guests can see where the pitches are located, if there are mobile homes and apartments available for accommodation and thus can choose the proper vacation rentals for themselves. There are online booking terms and conditions, as well as the information about tourist destinations nearby, interesting sites and nature attractions so the guests can easily organize their vacation in Croatia and Dalmatia.

Camping in nature is always a unique vacation and it guarantees special experience that no other accommodation type can offer. Colourful pebbles on the beach, the sound of waves and gentle breeze that blows through the treetops, birds singing, clean beaches and rich Mediterranean vegetation, all those little things make vacation a great experience. Camps in Dalmatia, on its coast and islands, are a real destination for enjoying all the advantages of camping and genuine Mediterranean spirit that is still very much alive there.