You are planning your Croatia camping trip, but you are not sure whether it is better to bring ready-made food with you or to embark on the adventure of cooking while camping? We have some interesting food ideas that will make your camping in Dalmatia unforgettable experience. To prepare meals while camping, all you need is a minimum of equipment, such as a small stove, a cooking pot, and a cooler in which to store food. Finding new camping cooking ideas can be a fun and creative experience while enjoying your outdoor vacation. For some, preparing cooked meals while camping will be a challenge, so we bring you several creative ideas for meals to cook when camping. In addition to vegetarian camping recipes, discover how to prepare seafood dishes while camping, as well as how to prepare delicious and healthy meals without cooking. Camp Oaza Mira in Drage in Dalmatia is the perfect place to prepare freshly caught sea fish and enjoy the indigenous experience of harmony with nature.

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Food ideas for camping in Dalmatia

As we mentioned earlier, a small stove and a cooking pot or a grill grate are enough for cooking while camping. You can prepare the most delicious meals while enjoying your camping experience in Dalmatia. The grill grate is extremely practical for preparing a wide variety of dishes. In addition, you will need cooking utensils such as a spatula or tongs. Food ideas for camping include preparing delicious burgers, hot dogs, marinated chicken, or corn. The most popular method of camp cooking is certainly the use of barbecue sticks. All you need are sticks and a heat source. A delicious hot dog or regular sausages are classic examples of this type of camping meal preparation. In Dalmatia, on the contrary, the traditional ways of Mediterranean cooking in pristine nature would include a grill grate and fresh fish. In addition to these easy camping food ideas, you can simplify the process and prepare no-cook camping meals such as vegetable salads. Don't forget about easy camping meals for kids that include boiled eggs, dried fruit, or simple cereals.

Camping breakfast

Many say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even on vacation! A good camping breakfast will recharge your batteries so that you can be full of energy throughout the day and enjoy the sun and the sea on the beautiful beaches of Dalmatia. If you like classic meals like cereals with milk or yogurt, it will be an easy camping breakfast preparation. For a healthy breakfast, you usually do not need special preparation if you are a fan of fresh fruit and a cup of tea. If you still prefer to experiment with the first meal of the day, you will surely like some of the camping breakfast ideas that we bring. Easy camping breakfast for large groups includes the preparation of boiled eggs and classic sandwiches with ham and cheese. You can also prepare Scrambled Eggs and Precooked Bacon if you have a pan at hand. The tastiest camp breakfast is certainly burritos. Camping breakfast burritos is made up of wheat flour tortilla filled with various fillings. It is a popular dish that you can enjoy at any time of the day. It would be best to prepare burritos at home and simply reheat them while you are camping.

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Camping lunches

Whether you are camping alone, in pairs, with family, or with a larger group of friends, lunch is a meal that is always more than a meal, it brings everyone together to socialize and prepare delicious dishes. From quick sandwiches to easy camp lunches, we bring you several camping lunch ideas for everyone’s palate. If you don’t want to bother with cooking while camping, it would be best to prepare it at home so that you can enjoy the outdoors to the fullest while you spend your vacation in Dalmatia. You can prepare different types of tacos, burritos, and salads for your summer camp lunch that you simply heat when you’re camping. From tuna sandwiches, Greek pasta salad, chicken salad wraps, and quinoa salad to delicious mini pizzas, the possibilities are endless when it comes to combining different foods that you can prepare for your camping lunches. A vegetarian lunch is also easy to prepare while camping. Some of the dishes for your camp lunch are Garlic Mushrooms, Green Vegetable Burritos, or Mediterranean Omelet. Enjoy the flavors of Dalmatia with seafood for which you only need a pot of boiling water.

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Camping dinner

Some of the camping dinner ideas everyone will love are certainly tasty burgers. For example, vegetarian burgers such as Sweet Potato Black Bean Burgers are excellent choice for camping dinner. All you need is sweet potato, black bean, and eggs. You may still opt for a simpler version of an easy camping dinner such as pasta with cheese or soup in a bag. Camping dinner is tastiest when you prepare it by the climate in which you are. In Dalmatia, you will enjoy the authentic flavours of prosciutto and cheese, enriched with aromatic olives. In the spring, you will certainly enjoy fresh asparagus, which is most often prepared with eggs, and in the summer months, you shouldn’t miss tasting home-grown vegetables and delicious sardines.

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Frequently asked questions about cooking in camp

  • What to eat when camping

Camping cooking is a great opportunity for creative food ideas, given that they are prepared with limited ingredients. The simplest dishes that you can prepare while camping are certainly grilled food such as hot dogs, grilled vegetables, or similar. You can decide to prepare it at home and put together a variety of salads and enjoy your camping experience undisturbed. The possibilities are numerous, and the most important thing is to enjoy every moment spent in contact with nature.

  • How to clean and cook fish while camping

If you still want to experience the real Mediterranean adventure of preparing homemade dishes, you must try preparing grilled fish. To properly prepare the fish, it is necessary to clean it well. Cleaning the fish depends on the species. First, clean the gills by starting from the tail towards the head. Split the fish with a knife, starting from the small opening near the tail, then towards the head. Then remove the entrails, and finally lift the gill covers and pull out the gills.

  • How to cook in a camp oven

The tastiest dishes are certainly prepared in the camping oven. Oven flairs are the most difficult to acquire because they require time, but the results are usually the most tasteful. First, it’s necessary to preheat the camp oven on. It would be a handful to have a tripod or simply sit the oven on the top of a barbie plate in the flames. You can leave the camp oven on the tripod while cooking, but for baking and roasting it would be better to use cooking on coals method.