If you would like to get some useful tips on camping for beginners, you are in the right place. Going camping for the first time is a fun experience, but you should take this trip to nature with proper preparation. When beginning camping you can start with small steps, for example, make a one-night camping rehearsal. There are a lot of things that you should take care of before going on a camping trip, such as choosing your campsite, making sure your tent is suitable, making a list of things you need for camping, checking your gear, and so on.

If you are a beginner camper, make sure you check the rules of your chosen campsite. Camping in nature for the first time is a wonderful experience where you can enjoy untouched nature. It represents a great escape from busy everyday life. In Croatia, there are a lot of camping sites all over the cost. One of the most popular camping sites is Oaza mira in a small coastal place called Drage in Dalmatia. Camping in Croatia is also strictly regulated, and you can camp only inside the designated areas.

Camping tips to enjoy the outdoors

To make your camping adventure as relaxed as possible, we bring you some useful camping tips that will help you organize your camping trip. First-time camping tips will help you organize yourself before you start your journey.

First and foremost, you should choose your campsite in Croatia. Take note that wild camping in Croatia is forbidden, so you can choose between several other options such as campsite camping, festival camping, or glamping. If you need a camping guide, on the following link you can find the best locations in Dalmatia for your first time camping!

Useful tips for camping include the following:

Choose the right tent and tent berth

There are several options when choosing the tent berth: for two, four, or six persons for example. When you are choosing the tent it’s always better to choose a bit larger one, so you all get enough space.

Check out the forecast before the trip

It would be very unpleasant to arrive at your camping destination during a stormy or rainy day, so make sure you plan your trip on a sunny day.

Clear the ground and set up the tent as soon as you arrive

Once you get to your camping pitch make sure the ground is level and clear so you can open and arrange your tent without difficulties.

It’s worth mentioning that Camp Oaza mira has 191 pitches. 108 pitches are on the terraced side of the hill toward the coast, while 75 are on the opposite side, toward pine woods. It is also good to know that all pitches have water and electricity connections.

What do I need for camping?

During preparation for your camping trip make sure you have all you need to make your vacation as careless and as relaxed experience as possible. Before you go camping, there are a few essential items you must bring with you such as a tent or sleeping bag. We bring you the checkout list that will help you organize yourself before camping.

Check out our first-time camping checklist

First-time camping can be quite a challenge, but with the right preparation of the equipment and checkout list, it can facilitate your journey quite a bit. When you are camping for the first time, it will be useful to make a list of things and necessary equipment. If you were wondering what to bring to camping, we bring you a useful list of indispensable things for your memorable camping experience.

First-time camping checklist:

  • take proper clothes and shoes depending on the weather
  • bring enough food
  • bring a first-aid kit
  • bring a large container of water
  • take with you a lamp and a rope
  • don’t forget to take matches or a lighter
  • and the last, but not less important: insect spray
  • The go outdoors camping list should also include some of the following things:
  • board games
  • cooker and dishes

Go outdoors camping for beginners!

Before you decide to go outdoors camping, take note of how many people are going. When choosing the right tent, it is useful to know exactly how many people are camping and how many bedrooms you need if you are in larger groups. Take into consideration the camping rules and limitations, because, on some camping sites, you may need two camping pitches for the largest tents. On the following link, you can read all about Oaza mira’s camping regulations for outdoor camping.

If you would like to know how to camp outdoors it would be best to practice setting up the tent at home. In this way, you will know exactly how to put it right when you are out there in nature without spending your time on preparation. It’s also advisable that you waterproof your tent.

Advice and tips for outdoor camping games

Although outdoor camping is all about enjoying nature, swimming if you are by the sea or lake, or hiking while near the mountain, outdoor camping usually includes groups of two or more people. So, one of the camping advice is to have some old-fashioned fun with outdoor camping games such as cards or board games.

In the camp Oaza mira there are several activities which you can enjoy with your friends. Within the camp, you can find a beach volley court, 2 tennis courts, and a multi-purpose court for basketball, soccer, or bowling court. There is also a children’s playground for the youngest ones.

Cooking for camping

If you enjoy outdoor camp cooking, don't forget to bring a kettle, pots, and pans. Camp cooking can be a fun experience while you adjust to the unusual conditions of preparing your food. On the other hand, if you prefer served meals, you will certainly enjoy the diverse traditional and international dishes of Oaza mira’s Camp tavern. Located on the beach, it offers its visitors a unique experience while enjoying the beautiful sunset.